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Our Approach

Accuracy and repeatability are the keys to a successful product. Utilising state-of-the-art hydraulics and a custom-built motion control algorithm means the usual thought of agricultural hydraulics has been transformed into a closed-loop adaptive control system, capable of high accuracy and smooth operation.

Typically velocity profiles are used in robotics and machinery but an advance in technology, particularly in the hardware bespoke to mobile machinery, has enabled these processes to be applied in an industries’ first application. Pairing the correct hardware, suitable for this tough environment, with the software and controls developed in-house has been a strength and key approach to achieving the end goal.

The Solution

The ability to control position within 0.05 of a degree repeatability has led to the successfully automated processes of loading and unloading rods, tubes and kelly rods which eradicates manual handling, increases productivity and removes personnel from the line of fire.

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