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Our Approach

As with all of Cortex’s projects the design and development of this system embraces cutting edge technologies from across control systems, telemetry and data communications, encryption, graphical interfacing, artificial intelligence and machine learning (to name but a few). Where to date the semi-autonomous and supervisory control systems that are currently available on the market have stuck to a very industrial design, Cortex is able to embrace the latest in high-performance processors and programming languages, whilst maintaining a safety standard that is rarely seen of mobile equipment.

This capability comes from years of design work and experience in the field to produce a truly class-leading drilling platform, not only in the technical specification but in production as well.

The Solution

The ability to maneuver outside of the traditional constraints of industrial control engineering is what frees Cortex to develop fast, responsive, intelligent, but ultimately safe controls platforms, with the breadth of capabilities that dwarf the other platforms that are available at present (or even in development, that we are aware of). The future of the drilling industry is truly about to present itself.

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