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Our Approach

Cortex has worked very closely with IFM for a number of years developing the MDP and other systems. The capabilities and expertise of the Cortex programmers have been recognised by the IFM research and development department in Germany, who have asked Cortex to assist them with the development of their Cloud interface platform (IotCore – yet to be released).

Cortex was tasked with developing critical communications and transport layer software that would enable the IFM system to talk with a commercial cloud computing account.

Cortex was not only able to deliver working solutions well within the timeframes given but also delivered the work with processing overheads that no-one in IFM thought possible for the complexity of the tasks required.

As such, Cortex is currently engaged for further development of IoT platforms for IFM. The Cortex Synapse software is of particular interest, providing a lightweight interface to not only cloud services but also private servers with full end-to-end encryption.

The Solution

Cortex’s ability to produce efficient processes and advanced control toolsets for their native programming environment has meant that Cortex is now at the forefront of many development applications within IFM. The ability to provide customised libraries and support means that there is a lot of potential for further development with the larger IFM group across the world.

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