People are at the core of everything we do.

Cortex has become a leader in automated machinery for the Australian mining sector. Through co-developing tech with industry partners, we’ve advanced safety and efficency in areas where manual labour continues to put people in danger.

Our Values


Cortex Systems give the capability to reduce environmental footprint. Automation means less personnel at the rigsite, less flights and less travel.


Cortex Systems are intelligent, AI and Machine Learning will optimise your performance.


Inclusivity is at the core of what we do, Cortex select the right personnel for the roles, without discrimination.


Cortex believe diversity is key to building the best workforce, all viewpoints are considered.


Safety is the most important core value, Cortex systems are designed to remove personnel from harmful environments.

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Develop game changing technologies

Software and hardware development never stands still, every challenge is different

The fourth industrial revolution has arrived

Cortex systems are at the forefront of the rapid technological changes happening now in the mining industry which will transform the way we work.

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