Data is everywhere. Make it work for you.

Many Monitoring While Drilling (MWD) systems on the market today produce vast amounts of data, however does anyone have the time to fully analyse and derive the full value?
Cortex Intelligence have the systems to help you do this efficiently.


Proactive maintenance alerts.


Predicts Failures. lowers costs.


Cloud based system to work remotely.


Increased efficiency.

Try to find a more advanced machine data system. We’ll wait.

Introducing the Cortex Machine Data Provider – MDP. The heart of the CORTEX system.

The MDP supplies fast, accurate and quantifiable data and analysis in real-time that can support multiple asset types. It is designed for interoperability with other systems allowing it to complement and enhance existing processes rather than to serve purely as a replacement.

It is a closed loop ecosystem designed to monitor, analyse and manage multiple field asset types to improve operational efficiency. It provides monitoring of assets through an onboard machine level system and via the NURV web-based asset management platform. Supplies fast, accurate and quantifiable data and analysis in real-time.

Capable of: Draws on key concepts of Industry 4.0, leverages on data collected to create an evolving system through Machine Learning.

Designed for interoperability with other systems.

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Interface: Nurv

Nurv Interface Features and Functions

Connect: Synapse

Data Syncing and System Gateway

Machine Data Provider


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Let’s have a one-to-one.

Learn about Cortex' unique systems: the Machine Data Provider, at heart of the rig site setup, the Synapse which streams to the internet and the NURV interface which allows you to control the information.