Automate operations, improve experiences and enhance safety measures anywhere.

Cortex MDP provides the platform to automate a number of rig site operations: set up, drill to depth, pack up, video monitoring, sample bag tagging, real time ground hardness information or all at the same time.

Synapse knows, so you can think.

The Synapse Interface is an internet connected device for capturing, transforming and visualizing data from hardware platforms such as PLCs and HMIs.

It contains adaptable frameworks for monitoring machine parameters, analyzing system performance and deploying AI and Machine learning models to the control operations in real-time. It is intended to be fully customizable and support a wide range of protocols.

The internet? Not remotely neccesary.

Cortex information is designed to be accessed directly from the internet, anywhere. This means a simple and direct route to the internet without having to navigate complex and inflexible corporate networks.

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Manage your workloads where the work is being done.

Edge computing enables operations to manage workloads across all clouds and on any number of devices, as well as deploy applications to locations reliably and seamlessly.

Optimise operations with optimised software.

System readings, operator performance, even engine data are all logged in mass volume, hundreds of thousands of data points for a full holistic view of the system.

Full closed-loop feedback from NURV centre assists driller and enhances driller performance.

Real time feedback in excruciating detail.

Real time machine information is transferred to the Synapse Interface in high-density format.

Data logged at 10millisecond intervals. Efficient processing and streaming of data mean you get instantaneous updates from the rig site - complete analysis and plots delivered immediately once total depth is reached.

Unlocking the power of edge computing.

Edge Computing - done on site, no delays due to latency, requires less bandwidth and inherently more secure.

Inbuilt data storage connected to the cloud.

Data securely backed up on Cortex servers, located in Perth WA.

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Engage a trusted partner with advanced edge computing knowledge.

Cortex is at the forefront of Industry 4.0 - Cyber-Physical Systems, IoT, Cloud Computing and Cognitive Computing. All software is written in-house in Perth WA. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are used alongside a suite of software tools to assess operations and performance and optimize drilling production.

Onboard data storage for up to two years.

Raw data is gathered from client vehicles (RC, DD, underground drilling rig, UDV other plant) then stored on Cortex servers.

Automatically connect to the cloud when you’re in range.

Cloud based systems meaning, you can access it whenever you are connected to the internet.

Computing options with an unprecedented operational life.

Access your data for up to two years after acquisition. Is your current Interface or Dashboard not exactly what you need? Let our in-house Perth based software team create one specific to your requirements.

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