The advantages of automation are clear

increasing efficiency and improving safety.

Automation has several benefits, taking personnel out of the 'line of fire' in remote harsh environments and increased efficiency are two of many.

reduce your operation’s cost profile by much as

15% with smarter automation.

Automation coupled with the artificial intelligence and machine learning that Cortex brings will result in higher efficiencies, optimised drilling parameters, monitored performance of rig components and fewer breakdowns, all of which add up to considerable cost savings.

Take control with
active systems.

Many automated systems are passive and constant input is required. Not those provided by Cortex. Cognitive computing, AI and Machine Learning mean that Cortex automation systems do the day to day thinking, allowing you to focus on results.

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Automation Built in Australia

The benefits of active automation.

Better manage your assets.

Fewer breakdowns, timely notice of planned maintenance intervals and real time information, giving you the the ability to make the right decisions and manage your fleet efficiently, keeping your clients satisfied.

It’s a layer of tech to build on.

The installation of automation hardware and software onto your assets opens up the possibility of increasing the scope of information flowing through the system - including bag scanning, video feed, wireline data and more.

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Tier 1 Operator Case Study

MDP installed on five rigs at a Rio Tinto mine site has logged thousands of holes by the system, including real time hardness data. This real time data is used to monitor and streamline drilling.

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