Easy to implement monitoring

for sharper decision-making.

Typical rig up time for sensors and the MDP system is between 2 to 3 days, with the experience Cortex has gained of common rig types in use, brackets can be installed by fitters in advance of the Cortex rig up to speed things along.

manage and improve

remote operator performance.

Cortex data can be used to train drillers into good habits both in terms of optimising parameters to achieve consistent fast ROP and monitoring the vital signs of the rig so intervention can be made before downtime is incurred.

Beyond data visualisation.

The Cortex NURV interface outputs in a variety of formats including asset monitoring, data analytics and operations data. Log data can be accessed and displayed at the click of a button.

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Optimised Asset Management

The benefits of passive monitoring.

Better manage your assets.

Passive monitoring means the system will do the routine work freeing up time for you to engage in value added activities.

It’s a layer of tech to build on.

Improve performance automatically, the system does the work for you.

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Underground Rod Loader

Conventional manual handling to change rods and inner tubes is risky - weight of up to 200kg requires to be handled. Automating these tasks leads to a more efficient and safer work practice which naturally increases productivity

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