Bring together all of your sub-systems into

one source of truth.

Cortex is designed to be open to other systems such as wireline, bag scanning, video streaming to enable all information from the rig site to stream through one source.

Custom code developed to

meet your project objectives.

Cortex has the in house expertise based in Perth to create software tailored specifically to your needs.

Systems integration.

The on-board Machine Data Provider (MDP) system is also designed as an integration and data collection point for additional 3rd party systems such as the geological bag scanner and acquire interface and downhole wireline and scanning.

This information is then all centralised into one subprocess and piped back to the Cortex NURV centre and additional client requests destinations and databases.

This maximises the database available for the hole itself and the larger drill pattern data.

The onboard MDP system allows almost infinite flexibility in terms of system integration with custom built high level programming languages being able to interrogate and communicate with any open platform or standardised communications protocol.

Code optimisation.

Need a unique output interface? Cortex can develop this for you in Perth, quickly, with no time difference or language barriers.

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Interested in custom software development?

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connect with your data

Third-party API Integration, Onboard Web API / Interface REST API

Cortex is designed to interface seamlessly with 3rd Party systems

Bag scanners, video cameras, wireline, geological databases and others

MDP - a complete platform to convey all rigsite information

Store all data from the rig site in one place and enable easy access to personnel who you authorise.

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Working primarily in exploratory mineral drilling, Cortex co-developed automated rigs with Ranger Drilling to improve efficiency and safety.

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